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Where do we go from here? Pt. 1


It has been more than two months since the reform movement started. Most of us, it has been an emotionally troubling time. For some it has been a continuos battle, struggling among the filth generated to find the truth. Then there are some that has been fighting for truth and justice most of their lives?


The question now is have we achieved anything?

  Are we even in the right direction?   Through feedback from people of various walks of life, I have formed these humble opinions.


Firstly, reforms as we all know are basically change and change has to come first from within ourselves. It is no use criticizing other people when we ourselves cannot act accordingly. And most important, we have to remind ourselves that the end does not justify the means. Throughout the weeks of poorly organized and supervised gatherings, we have invited upon ourselves a lot of criticism, which we have no viable avenue to address. The Government refers to us as rioters. We are seen to be rioting on TV and in the papers. After a few months of brainwashing, most people will believe it to be true. We cannot afford to let this happen. The Government threatens us with the law and as long as we continue to break them, any action they may take will be justified in the eyes of the law. Let's use the law. Lets work within the law. It may be difficult but with the right kind of advice and extensively researched facts we can command a whole lot more support and respect. We can have more informal gatherings at home or anywhere else for that matter in the form of social functions. Invite people from outside our circle to improve circulation of our agenda. Spread the truth wisely not emotionally. Educate the mass and based on that education, they will decide. We can still hold peaceful gatherings like the present ones, but always abide by the law, meaning if asked to disperse, then disperse. For if we can gather united for just a few minutes the point will be taken. There is no use in getting caught or beaten up. It serves only to scare off other potential reformist not to mention putting our loved ones in a bind. And be very, very, polite to the policemen. Yes, the Police? They are the law. Respect them. Be they beat policemen, FRU's, SB's, or UTK's, they are under orders, they have no choice. To disobey is tantamount to quitting or even worse, a court-martial. And they can't very well afford that because they have families to feed. And its not like they have an abundance of options. Give them a break and maybe they'll give you one. Play the 'Fool' and cooperate. Sooner or later, you will gain their sympathy. Be patient and have faith. To be continue. The Edge