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Where do we go from here..pt2

Most of us don't realize that we have a great opportunity to change the face of
the government. And that
opportunity is only months away?The UMNO Elections.

Although it may be hard to break thru the 'petrified' layers of corruption and
money politics,  truth and
ideals are rather appealing when you have little to lose and little to gain.
Picture this?on one side is the present leadership, on the other?the reform
movement. And in the middle
the "Perwakilan's". Most of the present leadership, less a few who are already
in to deep, do have reforms on their mind.
It will be impossible for them not to show it in their quest for party posts.
It will be what the "perwakilan's" want to hear.
It is a golden opportunity to garner support.

To the "Perwakilan's"?there will be a lot of reformists among you, elected by
the members for the sole
purpose of shaping the future of UMNO. You know what needs to be done. For those
who are still confused, acknowledge the weaknesses and choose for betterment.
You owe it to your members, your
kampung folks, your parents, friends and children. They WILL be watching you. Do
them proud.

To the members? choose your  representatives wisely. You have more power than
you realize. Study the party constitution. "Tradition" is not the name of the
game anymore. Attend all the meetings and voice out your opinions. Only people
with things to hide will oppose you. Act in  groups to strengthen your cause. At
this level, you are quite immune to persecution because you are voicing out your
beliefs thru "the proper channels". And remember, evil when challenged will
resort to unethical ways, which is a sign to oppose them even more!

And to the rest of us?we live in an imperfect world where nobody is perfect. But
that shouldn't stop us from trying to achieve perfection. Reforms  should not be
a rare event, nor should it be an annual one in the form of  "New Year
Resolutions". In our homes, in our cars!!, at work and in our hearts?it should
be done everyday, every hour?.every minute. A step forward and a step backwards
gets us nowhere in the end?

the edge