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November 12 , 1998 19:09PM 
DSP Abdul Aziz Husin and ACP Mazlan Mohd Din (left) outside the High Court today. 

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 12 (Bernama) -- The High Court here heard today that Azizan Abu Bakar swore by the Yasin on the truth of his statement that he was sodomised by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. 

ACP Mazlan Mohamed Din of the Special Branch police said 
Azizan, Anwar's former driver, swore to him after he interrogated him for an hour. 

"During the hour, when I questioned him as to the truth of his sworn statement, he held the Yasin in both hands and swore that he would be punished by Allah (God) if he had lied," Mazlan said. 

He was testifying at the trial of Anwar, the former deputy prime minister, charged with four counts of corrupt practice by using his position to interfere in police investigations into allegations of sexual misconduct against him. 

Anwar is charged under the Emergency (Essential Powers) ordinance No.22 of 1970 which carries a maximum 14 years jail or RM20,000 fine on conviction. 

Examined by senior deputy public prosecutor Azahar Mohamed, Mazlan said Azizan swore that the contents of his sworn statement were true. 

Earlier, the court was told that Azizan's sworn statement was attached to a letter entitled "Perihal Salah Laku Timbalan Perdana Menteri" (Misconduct of the Deputy Prime Minister) written by Ummi Hafilda Ali to the prime, together with a report. 

Mazlan, who was shown the sworn statement marked ID14 (c), said Azizan admitted in the statement that he was sodomised by Anwar. 

Gurbachan Singh, one of Anwar's nine defence counsel, objected on the ground that the sworn statement contained mere allegations and it would be highly prejudicial. 

Azahar replied that Azizan would be called and Justice Datuk S. Agustine Paul overruled the objection. Earlier, Mazlan said Azizan's interrogation started past midnight of Aug 17 last year after he and Ummi Hafilda were arrested in a house in Bangsar. 

He said that when he handed Azizan over to DSP Abdul Aziz Hussin, head of the interrogation team, after taking custody of Azizan from Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officer ASP Zulkifli Mohamed, he saw Azizan holding a small book of Yasin. 

Mazlan said that at Bukit Aman where Azizan and Ummi Hafilda were taken, he briefed Abdul Aziz on their background and the reason for their arrest and gave him a copy of the letter to the prime minister. 

He then started interrogating Azizan on the statement, assisted by ASP Arif Ariffin and C/Insp Zamri Hashim. 

Mazlan said that at 1.30am he and Abdul Aziz were called to Mohamed Said's office by Mohamed and Special Branch deputy director II Khas Datuk Amir Junus and directed to "neutralise" Azizan and Ummi Hafilda by turning them over or getting them to change their stand to retract their allegations. 

Mohamed Said wanted them to turn the two over within 24 hours because he wanted them released by then. Azahar: That morning, when you received the directive, did you know whom it came from? Mazlan: I did, my Lord. Mohamed Said and Amir told me that the directives to neutralise Ummi Hafilda and Azizan came from Anwar. 

Gurbachan Singh's objection to the answer on the ground that it was hearsay was upheld by the judge. Mazlan said that at 3am on Aug 18, when briefing Mohamed Said and Amir on his findings, he told them that he believed Azizan. Gurbachan objected, saying that it was merely the witness' opinion but Paul overruled him. 

Mazlan: My findings were based on several grounds. Firstly, Azizan was so consistent in his allegations that I felt that Azizan was a victim and it must have been difficult for him to come foreward and make the statement. Gurbachan Singh: My Lord, we object on the same grounds, on the words "saya berpendapat" (I felt). 

However, Paul allowed the answer, saying that the defence counsel was confused about section 45 of the Evidence Act which was clear on the opinion of an expert. Continuing with his evidence, Mazlan said: "As a Muslim, swearing by the Yasin could convince me." His answer drew response from Anwar's family members. 

He said Mohamed Said instructed him to continue with the turning over process and "I did so, although I knew that it was a bit strange." Mazlan said that at 5am Abdul Aziz entered the interrogation room playing the aggressive role and an hour later Azizan was considered neutralised. 

He said Abdul Aziz helped out because he (Mazlan) was slow in getting results by using the persuasive method. He said that from midnight until 6am, when Azizan was neutralised, Azizan was not allowed to sleep because he, Mazlan, had to complete his task in 24 hours. 



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