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ABDULAH BADAWI quoted, Opposition tie-up will fail as they share no common policy,interest or objective apart from wanting to defeat Barisan Nasional.


Hold the general election now and let us see whether the opposition party will fail, says leader of self form Reformasi Group known as Reformasi Kecil Wangsa Maju when this statement was referred to him. We have only one common interest that is to seek justice for the people. The rakyat now accepted the fact that Barisan Nasional namely UMNO as the largest component cannot lead the rakyat as long as Mahathir is still in authority. We will continue to reject UMNO as long as Dr M is the president. This is a man who as lost his vision and currently struggling to breathe as UMNO is capsizing. UMNO will fall and the only person to be blame is DR MAHATHIR MOHAMED. ABDULLAH BADAWI cannot save UMNO.


We have to reject the so called "people government" as the government now has only one intention, that is to retain their power for the benefit of themselves. They even threaten the rakyat with police brutality and recently the infamous remark by Ibrahim Ali (a traitor not only to this people but also to himself).


The Prime Minister blasted at the student in London quoting that he is disappointed with their attitude for biting the hands that feed them and in Malaysia, using the mosques build by the government to criticize the government.


This remark only reflex that there is master servant relationship between the rakyat appointed government. It is not Mahathir that build the mosques nor Mahathir that feed the Malaysian student but it is we the taxpaying rakyat, and the rightful owner of MALAYSIA.


Let us make sure that the so-called government understands that the power comes from the rakyat and if rakyat wants you to leave, then leave!


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