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Terima Kasih (18 Oct 1998)

I received a lot of emails stating their support of what I have written. I too received email from the supporter of PAS asking me to stop writing those comment on GERAK and PAS since it would be detrimental for the quest of getting justice done in Malaysian.

We are at first, all for Reformation of Anwar Ibrahim and later the GERAK movement. I for one did not question the role of GERAK, as I believed it is justice for all. My commitment for Reformation and GERAK was beyond what I anticipated. I was all for it until recently when the leaders of GERAK stated loud and clear that they are not for REFORMASI. Please refer to PUM statement.

We trusted them, they should very well know that the statement given will make us weaker, breaking the bond created and frustrating the ambition we all seek for. We felt betray by that statement. Then came the disclaimer of the 10/10/98 and the 17/10/98. What was that all about? If they, as a mature politician does not care the unity & justice (the absolute aim we have) then they might as well forget us supporting them. We felt so depressed as we really believed that GERAK would assist not only Sdr Anwar Ibrahim in his quest and aim for reformation. With the two, Reformasi and GERAK with PAS merging together we would have a solid Muslim and powerful Malay unity NEVER BEFORE DREAM THAT WE CAN HAVE. But it is just a dream the group and I had. They don't want the unity but only seek the political advantage.

Maybe I need more clarification but till now I felt that if I can do something by informing the public the truth. DEMI ALLAH I WOULD.

I created my WEB PAGE for the support of REFORMATION, commenting on the media statement and the support for Gerak and PAS. It is all for the sake of UNITY and JUSTICE FOR ALL. But now I have seen the truth. Maybe there is no different between leaders OF PAS and CURRENT UMNO.

For that I which to apologize if the path that I am taking now is wrong for I have seek GERAK explanation, but in vain.

I Believed MAYBE THE GERAK MAY SAY I AND MY WEB PAGE HAS MINOR SIGNIFICANT OR IMPACT BUT I will use it to seek the unity and justice needed, for I obtained no clarification from and by the GERAK movement.

Thank You,