Munawar to appeal after all, in latest twist

by Brendan Pereira

The Singapore Straits Times, Oct 6
After a week of conflicting reports, it appears that the former
speechwriter for Anwar Ibrahim, convicted of sodomy and sentenced to six
months' jail, is appealing against sentence and conviction.
Mr Manjeet Singh Dhillon and Mr Balwant Singh Sidhu yesterday appeared
in the High Court and said that they were holding a watching brief for
Munawar, a potential witness in the case against Anwar.
The prosecution's Datuk Abdul Gani Patail objected, saying: "We don't
know who the counsel is."
What transpired next was a short burst of verbal exchange.
Mr Manjeet replied: "I think it is none of the Attorney-General's
Chambers' business."
Datuk Abdul Gani noted he did not want to make a big issue of this
matter but warned: "If he is not the counsel, he will be in trouble."
Mr Manjeet did not take kindly to the threat and said that any question
on representation was a matter between the lawyer, his client and the
Bar Council.
High Court judge Augustine Paul interjected: "As far as I am concerned,
when a counsel says that he is holding a watching brief, I shall accept
The Munawar saga started last week when Mr Manjeet said that he had been
hired as the lawyer for the Pakistani national and instructed to file an
Almost immediately, Mr Munawar's lawyer during the trial said he
remained the lawyer on record and his client did not wish to appeal.